Please congratulate the students …….

Our RMSC STEMIE team consisting of year 10, 9 and 8 students have won a position to present their findings at the UniSA Regional showcase on Thursday 25th October at the Samsung SMARTSchool, University of South Australia, (RMSC has scored 20 points (16 required) to qualify and have also been awarded 3 additional bonus points).  The students have completed a mammoth effort as they had to plan a Mission to Mars completing the following components:

  • Science Component  Presentation of the health and exercise plan and astronaut selection criteria to a Mars Mission Board Representative (UniSA Connect Officer). Achieved by coordinating 20+ students to undertake intellectual, psychological, physical and emotional testing then analyse the data led by Meenakshi Pramod Nair and Dhruvi Makwana (year 10)
  • Technology Component  Judging of the Environmental Control System against the set criteria. Achieved by learning how to code Audino sensory board and programming the board to recognise sensors to detect light and temperature led by Alicia Schmalkuche and Radman Raeiezabadi (year 8 students) supported by Aashna Pant (year 9)
  • Engineering Component Judging of the transit pod and vehicle against the set criteria. Achieved by designing and constructing a transit pod (a motorised rover that acts as resource collecting device, that will successfully be able to master set challenges). Led by Luke Nieuwenhuizen, Jesse Harvey, Michael Dela Cruz, Alex Huyn, Charlene, Ajak Ater, Jafar Ahmadi and Jesse Jei Solando (year 10).
  • Mathematics Component Question and Answer session relating to the meal plan and Mars Mission catering tender. Achieved by researching nutritional requirements for an astronaut in space then designing a meal plan to satisfy these requirements and calculating weight loss by dehydration of food. Led by Olivia Smith-Munro and Kathleen Nguyen.

None of this would have been achievable without the coordination of Olivia Smith-Munro. She organised all four teams, painstakingly read the rubric to ensure each team met the criteria (with bonus points), reminded and pushed teams to meet checkpoint deadlines.