School uniforms…

The Roma Mitchell School Uniform is a smart but formal uniform, endorsed by our Governing Council, and is compulsory for all students.

We believe our uniform is an important part of developing school pride, helps maintain our positive school image, and contributes to student safety by helping staff to ensure that only Roma Mitchell Secondary College students are present on the school grounds.

Uniform Policy

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Where can I purchase the school uniform ?

School uniform is available to purchase from 2 locations or online at UMS webshop

Uniform Management Services (UMS) on 8363 5255 to make an appointment.  Location 1/6 Montrose Ave, Norwood SA . 5067

and at RMSC in the Girls’ Education Campus every Thursday from 8.15am to 11.30am and from October 15, 2018 you can shop at Hampstead Road, Clearview.

Click Second UMS retail outlet  for more details

Click Uniform Managment Services UMS for all the details.

Parents or carers who may be experiencing financial difficulties preventing purchase of the uniform are encouraged to discuss their situation with the relevant Head of Campus so appropriate confidential support may be arranged.

Price Lists and Brochures

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PE and Dance Uniform Brochure (for every Campus)

Special Education Campus

RMSC Special Education Campus Price List

Special Education Campus Uniform Brochure

Girls’ Education Campus

RMSC Girls’ Education Campus Price List

Girls’ Education Campus Uniform Brochure

Co Education Campus

RMSC Co-Education Campus Price List

Co Education Campus Uniform Brochure