Learning technology…

At Roma Mitchell Secondary College we do our best to enhance learning through the safe and appropriate use of E-technology devices. This includes restricting access to personal electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPods and internet USB’s at school, where the use of such devices by students is interfering with the teaching and learning within the classroom, and/or they are being used for inappropriate communication during recess and lunch breaks. This decision has been ratified by the Interim School Council.

Roma Mitchell Secondary College is in the exciting position of being able to continue to offer a 1:1 MacBook laptop program for our students that facilitates and enhances their learning.

We are recognised as an Apple 1:1 School and are embracing an Apple BYOD (bring your own device) system for our students.

We have researched extensively and have found the Apple devices have all the requirements and features that will enrich the teaching and learning at our school. With Apple’s assistance we have identified three models that meet our teaching and learning needs.

In order to support families we have developed options that will ensure our new students have access to a device. These are:

Option 1:

Buy the device outright from our recommended Apple re-seller where students will be able to use the device at school and at home.

Option 2:

Families experiencing financial hardship can negotiate an alternative financial arrangement to purchase a new MacBook over an agreed time frame.

Option 3:

Use an existing device provided by the school. This means that students will have access to a MacBook for use at school only.

We offer families the opportunity to take full advantage of our 1:1 Apple School savings by purchasing from our preferred Apple re-seller.

Documents relating to School Laptops (please click on each title to download)

Cyber Safety Use Agreement

Laptops for Learning Policy and Student Contract