Accelerated learning…

Our Gifted and Talented program is flexible and fast-paced, which means we can adapt it to meet individual students’ needs. This includes accelerated course options, opportunities for more in-depth learning and participation in classes at a higher level to allow all students to develop to their full potential.

Students from Roma Mitchell Secondary College, and other secondary schools and primary schools are invited to apply.

Selection for the Gifted and Talented Program is on the basis of:

  • Standard testing
  • Teacher nomination
  • Parent nomination
  • Student nomination.

We recognise that gifted students require challenges which match their diverse cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs and abilities.

Significant support in the form of an appropriate curriculum and trained staff, in a safe and positive environment, is required to ensure that their potential comes to fruition.

Gifted students are more challenged and motivated when they interact with students who have similar abilities and interests. We recognise that Gifted students have a wide range of interests but are not necessarily gifted in everything, and strategies need to identify their specific abilities and also their needs for counselling and vocational services.

Each year, members of the Gifted and Talented Program have the opportunity to compete in various state, national and international competitions to further grow their creative problem solving skills, drive creative and divergent thinking and stimulate a love of learning.

For example, a team of Gifted and Talented Program students compete each year in the Australasian Tournament of the Minds, a competition with open ended challenges in a range of fields to test their creative, innovative and problem solving skills.

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