Behaviour management…

High expectations of student behaviour are an integral feature of Roma Mitchell Secondary College. Respectful behaviours are essential in creating effective learning environments and a supportive and strong school community. Our school will be a safe, caring and orderly environment in which the rights of all students to learn, and the rights of all teachers to teach well, must be supported.

In each term in 2015, data was collected on the number and type of incidents related to cyber-bullying, bullying, harassment and violent behaviour. From this data we found that over the course of the year there was a decreasing trend in the number of incidents that occurred and an almost 50% decrease in the total number of incidents in 2015 as compared to 2014. At the same time, the overall school population has increased by at least 5%. A very pleasing result.

We continue to employ two full time School Counsellors and three Pastoral Care Workers – with one in each campus – to support the work of the School Counsellors. Students are supported to develop resilience and skills to deal with bullying and harassment. They are also actively taught about alternative ways to resolve conflict.