Premier’s Reading Challenge Celebration

On Tuesday November 27, the library celebrated those students who completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Students were awarded a certificate or medal, depending on how many years of the challenge they had completed. The celebration was attended by many students from the Girls and Coeducation campuses, and was a fantastic way to acknowledge their hard work and achievements. Year 12 student, Deanna Parkinson, received a Hall of Fame- Reader For Life certificate for completing twelve years of the challenge. Deanna spoke to her peers about the benefits of reading throughout her middle and senior schooling, and the impact this has had on her skills and understanding in her Year 12 subjects, particularly English Literary Studies. It is times like this that we remind our students that the PRC does not end at primary school, rather, a love for reading extends far beyond these years. Well done to those students who completed the challenge in 2018, and we hope to see even more students complete the challenge next year.

New Books and Holiday Reading

A number of new fiction books will be on the library shelves in the final weeks of the school term. We encourage students to borrow these for the holidays!


Top row L-R Kaia Musovich, Jian Sulaiman, Raihana Najafi, Najma Yaqoobi

Bottom row L-R Rahima Dad, Deanna Parkinson, Britney Thompson-Horrocks, Alicia Huynh