Media coverage from 20 September 2017 for this event appeared in  following publications :

Northern Weekly, Adelaide, North Eastern Weekly, South Australia and Adelaide Now.  Read full article at


To view the full program, please click on the link below – (designed by Natalie Andreou)

final program a5

Thank you so much to those who attended The Wedding Singer, and to everyone who has provided positive feedback. All students involved were extremely happy with the outcome. We had an audience of about 230 people, which is a great turn out.

The entire cast and crew did an incredible job, especially our two leads, Liam Tomlin and Stacie Casoyla, whose performances just blew the audience away. Be sure to say well done and congratulations if you see any of the cast and crew around.

Thank you to all staff for their support over the course of the production, but especially to all of the Arts and Technology teachers (and Amanda Pedder, who we’ll claim as our own) who have spent months building and painting sets, rehearsing with students, supervising students, desperately searching for costumes, and choreographing awesome dance pieces, and all of the other hundreds of small but critical jobs. A special thank you to Jen Theakstone, who provided at least half the costumes from her personal collection.