At Roma Mitchell Secondary College, we believe there’s more to education than just learning.

Physical education and healthy competition are especially important for the development of young students. The privilege to engage in sporting activity and learn to interact with teammates and other competitors is a valuable skill that transfers well to real life.

This is why we consider our college of sport and fitness so important.

Roma Mitchell Secondary College – Specialist Sports Programs (SSP)

Our ‘Specialist Sports’ Programs (SSP) are designed for both elite student-athletes and players with big potential.

The sports offered in this program include:

  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Women’s AFL (AFLW)

Through high-quality mentoring and training programs, students in the SPP are challenged to push themselves and develop their athletic talent and become the best possible athlete they can be.

Students in the SSP will be assisted and trained by experienced coaches and sporting industry leaders. And, this assistance does not stop at just sports; despite being a college of sport and fitness, academics remain a vital part of this program. Students in the SSP are encouraged to advance in sports in addition to academic requirements and traditional schooling.

SSP offered by Roma Mitchell College of Specialist sport, is an opportunity for your child to develop, perform, and compete in their chosen sport at the highest competitive level while also undergoing school and academics.

Selection Criteria

Spots in SPP are limited.

Selection criteria are based on the following factors:

  • Sporting skills
  • Work ethic
  • Academic potential
  • Personal character

Students in SPP are expected to be role models. Inclusion in this program requires students to uphold the school values we take seriously at Roma Mitchell Secondary College Adelaide; respect, diversity, and excellence.

Industry Sports Association Partnerships

As of 2021, RMSC is partnered with various industry sports associations – this is to ensure the most advanced and effective sports training possible for our sport college students in the SSP program.

Some of the sport associations we have partnered with include:

  • South Australian Cricket Association (SACA)
  • South Australian Women’s Football League (AFLW)
  • Football South Australia (FSA)


At Roma Mitchell college of sports & fitness Adelaide, our goal with the Specialist Sport Program is to help students develop strong values of discipline, teamwork, leadership, work ethic, and academic standards.

These values are necessary not only to be a successful athlete but to be a successful person and member of society as well. We maintain a high standard for our SPP students and we do everything in our power – including coaching or other support – to help them reach this standard.

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