Health & PE Curriculum

In Health & Physical Education our primary aims are to promote the development of a range of motor skills and to encourage students to understand the importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

This is achieved through three areas of study: Physical Education, Health and Nutrition.

Throughout the first year of Physical Education students should develop a greater knowledge of the components of physical health, an increased ability to reflect on their own strengths and progress, as well as a strong focus on developing a sense of responsibility and interpersonal skills.


Students will be expected to participate and develop practical sporting skills in a variety of sports. They will be expected to work as individuals and as part of a group/team, to improve their communication and interpersonal skills.

Literacy and numeracy skills will be developed through self-testing and analysing fitness and being able to communicate in written and oral forms on ideas and insights into related health and nutritional issues.

Research and investigative skills will be developed through investigation of issues related to Physical Education, Health and Nutrition. Technological skills will be developed in the presentation, investigation and testing of practical and theoretical aspects of the course.


Using knowledge, planning through inquiry, applying and performing and reflecting and demonstrating.