Roma Mitchell Secondary College is committed to supporting all students to develop to their full potential and recognise that:

  • Gifted students require challenges which match their diverse cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs and abilities. Significant support in the form of an appropriate curriculum and trained staff, in a safe positive environment, is required to ensure that their potential comes to fruition.
  • Gifted students are more challenged and motivated when they interact with students who have similar abilities and interests.
  • Gifted students have a wide range of interests but are not necessarily gifted in everything.
  • Gifted students benefit from Programs that integrate a range of higher order thinking skills in their learning.
  • Identification strategies need to identify students’ specific abilities and if appropriate their needs for counselling and vocational services.

Middle Years

  • Identified gifted students will be placed in a class with other gifted and talented students or join the Program later depending on their progress and success.
  • Students will study Language and Literature, Mathematics, Sciences and Individuals and Societies as a class. Then they will join with the other students in their year level for their other subjects.
  • The Program thereby provides a healthy balance of learning with their intellectual peers and activities with other students.

The Gifted and Talented Program will:

  • Challenge students to study at greater depth and speed.
  • Provide enrichment and extension courses within the school and with community based services.
  • Provide acceleration into higher year levels, where appropriate and in the student’s best interest.

Senior Years

It is anticipated that students will be able to utilise a wide range of special opportunities in their senior secondary years, including university studies. These decisions will be made according to each student’s interest, abilities and social development and will also take into account the students’ needs to gain the highest possible tertiary entrance selection score, to ensure successful entry into their chosen university courses.

Selection for the Program

Selection will be on the basis of one or more of the following:

  • Standard testing
  • Teacher nomination
  • Parent nomination
  • Student nomination

Nomination forms are available here or contact the Assistant Principal, IB MYP, Gifted & Talented & International Programs at Roma Mitchell Secondary College (08) 81614600.