High Expectations

At RMSC we have high expectations and standards of student achievement, participation, behaviour, organisation, presentation and attendance. As members of the RMSC community students strive for their personal best and to become responsible and independent in their learning. Students wear the complete school uniform and respectfully demonstrate appropriate behaviour which is modelled on restorative principles.

SACE Results 2020

Our year 12 class of 2020 achieved amazing SACE results. 100% of eligible Year 12 students completed their SACE. This is 1.75% above the state average of all students who completed their SACE, which was 98.25%.

We are so proud of the Class of 2020, in a year where there were numerous challenges and obstacles.

The 2020 College Dux was awarded to Sanjana Perumal Raja. She achieved an ATAR score of 99.95. Sanjana is currently studying B Medicine/B Surgery at Adelaide University.