Homework Expectations and Homework Clubs

Our school encourages independent learning through homework that promotes individual interests, problemsolving skills, literacy and numeracy skills.

Regular homework for all students will be set, monitored and assessed by teachers in years 8-12. Years 8 and 9 students will have between 45 and 90 minutes of homework per night. Years 10 and 11 students will have between 90 and 120 minutes per night. Year 12 students will need to complete about 180 minutes outside of class time to be successful, particularly if they are seeking tertiary entrance.

Special Education students or students with special needs will have modified expectations, negotiated with parents and caregivers. All parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact the relevant Head of Campus about any homework queries or concerns.

Parents may access homework and student progress through the Daymap parent portal. Homework is often ongoing assignment work that gives students valuable practice in working independently, consolidating and applying their learning. It is an integral part of the curriculum that is essential to encourage and support progress in each subject.

Join our Homework Clubs

We offer homework clubs in our Library on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please click on the links below for more information which includes consent forms which you will need to bring with you.

Homework Club Permission Aboriginal EducationHomework Club Permission

Submission of Work Policy Flowchart