RMSC’s Governing Council is guided by the school’s Constitution and Code of Practice.

The Governing Council comprises parents, the Principal, staff, a community representative and student representatives from across the three campuses. The Council is responsible for the school’s strategic directions, site improvement plan, setting and monitoring goals and overseeing the financial management of the school.

Many council members also form the various sub-committees – such as the Parents, Carers and Friends Committee – that are involved in continual improvement projects in learning and community engagement.

The Governing Council is an important voice of the school community and we are very fortunate to have a wonderful, diverse representations of the community as council members.

Some of the key focuses of the Governing Council have been:

  • Reviewing and introducing new policies to assist with the governance of the school and to ensure the highest standards of learning, safety and ethical behaviours are maintained.
  • Continuing to develop and implement improvements to the school site, including upgrading security by replacing key locks with a swipe key system, planting shade trees to shelter students waiting for buses and installing new school signs, including an LED information board.
  • Developing and testing strategies to resolve after school traffic issues.
  • Encouraging and supporting the Aboriginal Community School Partnership.

Regular updates on the work of the Governing Council and the sub committees can be found in our newsletters.