Parent complaint policy…

We all expect high quality teaching and expert care for every child so they can achieve their potential. Working together will give us the best chance of solving a problem that may arise during your child’s years in school.

We also recognise that at times, things may go wrong. If you have a concern or a complaint, we want you to let us know. It’s important to learn from mistakes or misunderstandings so that we can improve your child’s experience and learning, and also improve processes where possible.

About Parent Complaints and Concerns

Useful definitions:

‘parent’ – in relation to a child, includes a guardian and every person who has parental responsibility   for the child, and any person with whom a child normally or regularly resides.

‘concern’ – is an issue of interest raised informally in order to change or improve a situation.

‘complaint’ – is an expression of grievance or resentment where the complainant is seeking redress or justice.

If you’d like more information please call us on 8161 4600 or visit the website of The Department For Education.

If you are unsatisfied contact the Education Complaint unit

If you are not satisfied please lodge your complaint or provide feedback to the Education complaint Unit using the online form.

Phone: 1800 677 435 (standard call rates apply for calls from mobile phones).

There is also a Freecall number: 1800 677 435 or you can download by clicking on the following links below –

Raising a complaint with the Department for Education

Parent guide to raising a complaint

Raising a Complaint with DECDParent Guide to Raising a Complaint