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Film by RMSC students Y9 Shreyansh Kanzariya, Nish Patel, Rajeet Patel and Dhruv Patel.

At Roma Mitchell Secondary College international students are supported by a committed team teachers, the Assistant Principal of International Programs, International Project Coordinator, School Counsellors and School Support Officers.

To create a supportive environment for international students we provide an orientation program which involves RMSC Prefects and members of the RMSC Student Representative Council. This buddy system offers continuity within the school community for students that are away from home.

For more information about studying at Roma Mitchell Secondary College as an international student, please contact us via email sean.venning@rmsc.sa.edu.au


RMSC has a comprehensive curriculum which caters for the varied interests and abilities of students.

Our goal is to ensure that students can identify and plan their career pathway in collaboration with a mentor and then select subjects to enable them to achieve their individual goals.   

For more information about our curriculum visit:

Curriculum Handbook (PDF)

Homestay Accommodation

While studying at Roma Mitchell Secondary College you can stay with a caring family who provide homestay accommodation.

International Education Services (IES) is a unit within the Department for Education and trades as South Australian Government Schools. IES manages all aspects of the International Student Program, including student recruitment and homestay accommodation.

You can visit the SA Government International Homestay website https://www.internationalstudents.sa.edu.au/en/homestay/host-a-student/

RMSC students travelling overseas in 2021

Planned Study Tour April 2021 to Germany & Italy

Roma Mitchell Secondary College is currently planning a study Tour to Germany and Italy for April 2021. Students from years 10 and 11 next year can apply.

Please submit your expression of interest to Mr Sean Venning via email by end of week nine term 4 to sean.venning@rmsc.sa.edu.au