This group is an avenue for student to have a voice in their school community.

Key Club Kiwani’s Club Youth sub group of the local Kiwanis Adelaide Prospect Group.

They contribute in the following ways:

  • Being an advocate for other students
  • Creating opportunities and trust
  • Being a positive role
  • Motivating and encouraging others
  • writing newsletter and yearbook articles

They demonstrate this:

  • Upholding the school values of RESPECT, DIVERSITY and EXCELLENCE.
  • Shared student leadership
  • Taking initiative working with staff
  • Demonstrate commitment to learning and the school


Raise funds to support projects aligned with the Kiwani goals of addressing Human Rights Issues
such as Poverty

Peer Leadership Program

A Peer Leader is a positive role model for peers and helps create a safe, respectful and welcoming school environment. Peer Leaders will be helping to support the new year 8 students transition to high school in 2020.

Peer leader responsibilities include

  • Support the effective transition of year 8 students into high school for the whole of semester 1
  • Work collaboratively with other Peer Leaders to develop and deliver a series of pastoral care activities that contribute to the wellbeing of year 8 students
  • Be a positive role model
  • Peer leader time commitment
  • Attend Peer leader training days
  • Follow up any work missed due to participating in Peer Leader activities
  • Attend year 11 care group every morning at 8.30 for the whole of semester 1
  • Attend year 8 care group from 8.45 every morning for the whole of semester 1
  • Attend the year 8 camp
  • Attend “Lunch with the Leader” twice each term for the first 2 terms to discuss upcoming events, questions and concerns
  • Attend briefing and debriefing sessions as required
  • Participate in Harmony Week
  • Be out in the yard at recess and lunchtimes to provide support and encouragement to year 8 students
  • All students who successfully complete a semester as a Peer Leader will be awarded 10 Stage 1 SACE credits.

Peer Leaders have a very important role in the wellbeing of our new year 8 students and as such are a highly valued position.

Become a Prefect

Representing the school, administration and student body at various functions; being an excellent role model for other students in terms of behaviour, academic endeavour and uniform; being a consultant where student opinion is sought; supporting students from primary schools during transition and the start of the secondary schooling life and conveying a student voice to Leadership where there are concerns in a certain area.