Regular attendance and participation in school and the classroom are prerequisites to successful learning. We take pride in creating a curriculum and learning environment that engages students and promotes attendance and ongoing participation.

According to the Education Act 1972, it is compulsory for all children between 6 and 16 years old to be enrolled in a school, and participate in the education programs provided at the school.

Within the framework of the RMSC community, our teaching staff work closely with students and parents to avoid non-attendance, and identify early on if occasional non-attendance is hindering a child’s educational progress and development. We are committed to giving all our students the best opportunities to reach their full potential – both academically and socially.

Whenever your child is absent, it’s important that you inform either the Girls’, Co Educational or Special Education Campuses straight away. Students arriving late must report to Student Services upon arrival and students leaving early must have a parent note seen by their Care Teacher and then sign out at Student Services.

Students are not permitted to leave the schoolyard at any time. If you need to pick up a child early please ring student services.

Child absences need to be followed up with a phone call or a written note.