Sport Houses and History of House Colours

In 2014 we decided as a school to research famous South Australian’s to name our 4 Houses after. This research was done by every care group and the results were submitted. Then students voted, and the 4 most popular names were Mary Lee, Ruby Hammond, Sir Douglas Nicholls and Howard Florey.

Once the families had been contacted and permission granted for RMSC to use their names to represent Houses, at a whole school assembly in 2015 the House Captains with the help of the principal, picked the names out of a hat to attribute to each House. That is how we named blue Hammond, red Lee, green Florey and yellow Nicholls.

There are also animal mascots, which we discussed in a staff meeting in 2014.

Yellow Nicholls Eagles

Red Lee Dingoes

Blue Hammond Sharks

Green Florey Crocodiles

These are all native Australian animals.

Student SurnameHouseColourNative Animal
A - ESir Douglas NichollsYellowEagle
F - KMary LeerRedDingo
L - QRuby HammondBlueShark
R - ZHoward FloreyGreenCrocodile