As part of our partnership approach we believe there are mutual obligations for the RMSC community. As a school, we also place high expectations on our students, and we are committed to offering the following to enable them to reach their full capabilities:

  • We create a supportive environment for the students, parents and teaching staff
  • A strong focus on assisting students with learning difficulties and special needs
  • A varied program of extra-curricular activities to encourage students to explore and pursue new hobbies
  • Class sizes that allow appropriate levels of support and access to the teacher.

To complete our approach and assist us with the provision of a supportive teaching environment, we expect of our students and parents that:

  • Students attend school every day
  • Students always wear full school uniform when at school
  • Students do their best to achieve their goals, participate to the best of their abilities and take pride in their education journey
  • Parents support their children in all aspects of the school environment, including attendance, homework, participation and extra-curricular activities.