During this term all Year 10 and 11 students will begin to consider their subject selections for the following year.

Parents, Caregivers and students are invited to attend Course Counselling appointments on the following dates:

Year 10 Thursday 18 August 2022 8.00am – 4.30pm

Year 11 Friday 19 August 2022 8.00am – 4.30pm

The purpose of these appointments will be to validate subject selections and check that students have selected the correct pathways for SACE, the IB Diploma or VET courses leading into further training or employment.

Students do not attend normal classes on this day, and should only attend school for the course counselling session. Students must be in full school uniform. In preparation for Course counselling, all Year 10 students will be undertaking a Careers investigation using the Career tools website as well as other resources including the school Curriculum Guide and information from the SACE Board. Year 11 students completed this investigation last year. Year 11 students will be selecting subjects based on their plans for post school pathways, whether it be University or a Vocational pathway. Year 12 students will be considering SATAC applications and applications for Vocational pathways such as Apprenticeships or Traineeships. The Education Department’s VET in Schools Policy outlines how schools can now tailor SACE pathways for individual students which means that students will now have more choices than ever before, with options such as studying a VET course in year 11 as well as completing SACE or the IB Diploma with an ATAR for University.

Students will be making their subject selections online as in previous years using the Subject Selection Options software program. The Online selection program will be open for students and parents to make their choices at any time either at school or at home from 12 August to 17 August. This will give students and you, as their parents, time to consider and reflect on their subject choices. To assist parents with navigating through the changes to the SACE and VET and information about the IB Diploma we have prepared an online Subject Counselling Information presentation which contains all the information you will need to support your child(ren) to make the best choices for them.

Should you wish to further discuss your child’s career pathway or have any questions, please contact the relevant Learning Community Leader on 8161 4600 to arrange an appointment.

Yellow Learning Community Mr Nick Drury

Red Learning Community Leader Mr Will Young

Green Learning Community Leader Mr Russell McLean

Girls Campus Senior Learning Community Mr James Wilson


2023 IB Diploma Curriculum Guide

2023 Curriculum Guide