Girls’ Education…

The Girls’ Education Campus is designed to accommodate 400 girls from years 8 to 12.

The campus offers a school pathway that allows girls to study in a single sex environment throughout their secondary schooling years.

However, in order to provide the broadest possible curriculum offerings in the senior years of schooling, girls in the Girls’ Education Campus of Roma Mitchell Secondary College can access a range of subjects that are offered to both girls and boys at the college.

Why a Girls’ only Campus?


Research both here and overseas has confirmed that girls’ educational success can be improved through single sex education.

The research has shown that girls working in an environment without the distraction of boys can be more successful. There are also more opportunities for girls to take up leadership roles and to engage in curriculum that explores the experiences of being female and understand better the challenges that face women and girls in all societies.

There are also studies that suggest that single sex learning environments for boys can also lead to greater success at school. (In the Co-educational campus there are some ‘boys only’ classes.)

The commitment to maintaining a girls’ only campus was made when the local high schools, one of which was Gepps Cross Girls’ High School, amalgamated to form the Roma Mitchell Secondary College.

How does it work?

Years 8 to 10 students in the Girls’ Education Campus are taught in single sex classes that operate in a purpose built facility that only caters to girls.

There are some shared facilities but even these include separate girls’ only areas. The gym and the library are examples of facilities where girls’ only areas and resources are maintained. There is also a separate canteen and playing fields for girls.

In years 11 and 12 some girls may choose to study subjects that are offered to both girls and boys across the college. Girls from the Girls’ Education Campus can attend these classes but they are still based in the Girls’ Education Campus. Their Care Group time, study line time and recess and lunch are still in an all girls’ environment.

Key contact:

  • Head of Girls’ Education Campus – Stamatia Overell