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Co-Education Campus

Co-Education campus students benefit from a diverse range of academic and vocational subjects that we can offer as one of South Australia’s largest secondary schools. Girls are also in the unique position of being able to access single sex subjects – should they wish to – taught in the Girls’ Only Campus.

A supported transition into high school…

To support year 8 and 9 students to be successful and happy in their transition to High School we have a middle school structure that minimises the number of teachers students have in their first two years.

Internationally recognised education...

We are currently a Candidate School implementing the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme for all years 8-10 students in our Girls’ and Co-Educational Campuses.

Specialist academic and sports programs…

Students are also given every opportunity to pursue their passions and talents through our extra programs such as our Gifted and Talented program; our specialist maths offerings; our STEM focus and our specialist cycling, hockey and soccer programs.

Girls’ Education Campus

Our Girls’ School at Roma Mitchell Secondary College is an unzoned state school dedicated to delivering high quality education for all girls. As one of only two girls-only public schools in South Australia, Roma Mitchell Secondary College’ Girls’ Campus attracts students from all over the state and the globe.

Why a girls only campus?

Research both here and overseas has confirmed that girls’ educational success can be improved through single sex education.

How does it work?

Years 8 to 10 girls in the Girls’ Campus are taught in girls only classes that operate in a purpose built facility that only caters for girls.

Girls only curriculum?

We offer girls a quality education in a nurturing and supportive environment, with a genuine commitment to seeing each and every one of our students grow and develop to their best.

Special Education

Our purpose-built school caters for the needs of children with intellectual disabilities, providing a high quality education with a particular focus on the post-school pathways of these students.

Learning for now and for life...

The Core Curriculum aims for each student to develop knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve maximum functional outcomes in their lives both now and in the future.

Pathways after school…

Pathways after school are divided into three distinct groups: Day Options, Supported Employment and Open Employment. The Special Education Campus at Roma Mitchell Secondary College offers a Transition Pathways Day Placement program.

Work experience program…

We offer a school-based work experience program, teaching skills and ethics designed to help students make the transition smoothly from school to work.

Specialist Programs

Roma Mitchell Secondary College is extremely proud of the results our students are achieving with a 96% SACE completion rate in 2015. We also offer a range of specialised programs:


We are a designated Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Focus school. > Learn more

Specialist Maths

Selected by Department of Education and Childhood Development (DECD) to develop a Mathematics Specialism program. > Learn more

Specialist Sports

High quality mentoring and training in soccer, cycling and hockey. > Learn more